Sunday, 21 December 2014


Some young people are not willing to get married for the reason that they feel like spending time with their friends. On the other hand, many of us are having desire to tie the knot with someone who we consider really special. It is not a joke to get married since if you want to do it, you need to spend much more money. When you discuss about the reality of wife, it is certain that it is not easy to afford the expenditures of her. To a philosophy, wife is a terrible reality that costs you somehow.

It is said  that wife  is a sharp  knife  for poor
She is considered to be a knife for spendthrift

Certainly, most of the poor people do not be glad to propitiate their wives’ desires since it is difficult to fulfill the ambitions. If you have got married with a girl, now she is your life partner and you really love her, but if there is no money in your account or pocket and a good relation between you and her since she needs basic things for living with liberty and lavishly. She always whispers in your ears that she requires something if she is dependent.

Being an owner of million dollars, it is really difficult to spend money on her if you are miser. Here the miser husband has a tendency to collect and add money in his account for the reason that he thinks that one day his money will save him from economic chaos and bankruptcy. For a girl, it is better to get hitched a person who is really poor since getting married a person who is rich and miser is not fitting for her.

Wife is a knife to kill your sorrows and tensions
And she  is a knife to butter on your  breads too

I have not seen in any medical literature that wife has been a pill that kills your sorrows and tensions so far, but I do believe that meeting with her in a festive mood and talking romantically can be really helpful in sanitizing the germs of sorrows; therefore, sitting with her while talking about cool reminiscences and romanticism is considered to be a health-giving sword to threaten the troubles of matrimonial, communal and professional life.

Finally, the reality of wife refers that if you have an amicable life partner, she is supposed to be like a knife to butter up your emotions that makes you over the moon. Whatever happens, you should love her and feel her emotions, which she has for you only. Thus, knife is by all means has advantages and drawbacks and this is supposed to be your responsibility to take benefits from this knife.    

Dated: October 5, 2014 

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