Monday, 29 October 2018

The 1984 Sikh Massacre in India

It has been proven that India is not a safe country for any race, cast, religion and a  person of any creed. We all witnessed the carnage of Sikh Dehli, Demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and Hindu extremists attacked on the Christians of Kandhamal District in August, 2008.

India which calls itself a secular country is sticking to spread Hinduism in each and over corner of the entire India.

The moment when the 3rd Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was killed in assassination at 9:20 a.m. on 31 October 1984, at Safdarjung Road, New Delhi, the riot took place since protectors Beant Singh and Satwant Singh were her real assassinators. 

The Sikh Massacre in 1984 created a very horrifying situation in Delhi. Many mobs from Hindu extremists got to the Sikh properties and some of the extremists tried to have sexual assault on woman as mentioned in the movie ‘31st October’.

The official Indian government reported that in this big carnage more than 2,800 people were killed across India including 2,100 people the capital of India. However, the independent sources estimated that across the largest democratic country about  8,000 were put to death and in the Indian capital 3,000 tasted the taste of death.

It can be assumed that Beant Singh could not tolerate the ‘Operation Blue Star’ purposed to do away with the militant religious leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in Amritsar, Punjab the Sikh leader in Anandpur Sahib Resolution had many purposes and some of them were: Revival of the religious institution of Dasvandh among the Sikhs, spread of Sikhism, its ethical values and code of conduct to combat atheism.

Indira Gandhi’s order to wipe out the some Sikh orthodox from the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) created religious enthusiasm in the heart of two Sikh followers to assassinate her. 

A single powerful individual's assassination caused thousands of assassinations.  

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Family versus Friend – Difference, Gape & Conclusion

When we think about the word family, it comes to our consideration that the people with whom we live at homes or the persons who bring us up is the main type of relation called family, most of the time of us is spent with them including childhood and adulthood.

Of late in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe and nowadays in eastern states believing in friend has been more influential than having conviction upon relatives.

In many cities of Pakistan after 2002, chatting on the internet took place and with the passage of time it was increased and many of the internet users got that chatting on the Yahoo Messenger is the initial use of using computer. During that period in almost all cities of the country had numerous of internet cafes where, especially youngsters used to come to chat.

When seeing 2006 in Pakistan Facebook was not thick on the ground since a very few knew about and the year 2007 brought so many mobile connections which once were not a piece of cake and then SMS performed the responsibility of Yahoo Messenger, people from each and over corner got advantage from SMS, which became a cause of being away from getting closer to family and relative while having foods together.

When talking about the excessive Facebook use in Pakistan, it opened its doors after 2009 and the person who even cannot write his or her name was uploading pictures and getting connect with folks even he knew them or din not. Nowadays almost everyone owns personal Facebook or other social network ids that have kept us away from our relatives.

As far as my perception is concerned and world I see, it is really easy to call someone your friend, but it is really very complicated to keep to the statement you express, the word friend is used or it is not considered as it is.

Certainly, family is more helpful than friend due to feelings attached to blood relation and unfortunately friendship has been really very common and all don’t shy to call someone their friend.

I believe that if your friend is caring you more willingly than your family, is he your real friend, but most of the time I have observed that family is more serious than friend when caring, loving and thinking positive.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Benefits of learning English in Pakistan - The Ferozi Collegiate

Every language on the globe has its significance and benefits, it represents numerous of people showing the culture; therefore, no language can be denied, but there are a few important languages of the world.

English is one of them that has influence in almost each and over corner of the world and Pakistan and India top get the benefits of having common over this language. Here, we are going to tell you some benefits of learning English access Pakistan.

Job in English Newspaper

English newspaper editors and subeditors seek those whose written communication skill is strong. If you think that paragraph or article you write is magnetic and meaningful, you must first apply for job in newspaper. Being a part of print media, you can also get to the peak of journalism by getting experience in the field.

Employment in Call Centers

Most of the fluent English speakers get advantage from being costumer care representatives or call center agents, but problem is that many offices offer job in night shift that many employees don’t be able to work at night.

Instructor in School

All the academics appreciate the teachers with excellent command over English; verbal and written.  Most of the schools prefer an English medium education even though Urdu language is the official and national language of Pakistan.

Correspondence at Offices

Notwithstanding Urdu is official, numerous of sectors governmental or private both would rather write in English at offices than writing in Urdu. It is therefore, person with outstanding grammar skill would be eligible for writing mails, posts, letters and communication with great ease.

If you want to improve your English skill, you need to join The Ferozi Collegiate where you will be trained in just 6 months, but don’t forget to work hard to achieve your goal.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Nowadays K-Electric Makes Karachiites Happy - By Moeenuddin Ahmed

Nowadays, Karachi  Electric KE  is doing good to consumers, in slums the load shedding has been reduced down which was 7 & half hours in 24 hours and now is just 2 hours. Especially, children and women who usually stay at homes are being happy because of availability of electricity, therefore, need for hand fans and generators is no more and sweating problem has said bye!

On the other hand, bills are very high which cause consumers anxiety and stress, my home has only 3 fans, fridge, computer, 5 energy savers, washing machine and water motor, but bill for the month of May 2018 is higher than PKR 5100/= whereas my neighbors have air conditioners and 100W bulbs fan, washing machine and water motor, but their bill is less than PKR 2000/=.

It is reported that some technicians and electricians are scamming which K-E must be acquainted with and give them punishment, they change some functions in meters and then meters run show, by which they save money illegally on their billings.

Now in Karachi Kunda System (stealing electricity thru hooking wire on the main line) has almost been finished, but people of our city have a big negative mind to steal electricity.

Some years ago our electric transformer was blast and we suffered about  a half month blackout in our area, some people hooked wire in other electric transformer, but that was also out of order due to over load.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PML-N) promise about wiping out load shedding from Pakistan turned out to be a fake promise and let’s see who will do well after winning general election of 2018.

Monday, 30 April 2018

How To Build Confidence If You Are Diffident

The God bestows a very few with skill called confidence and the confidence lies in person shown by expressions and actions. Unfortunately, a lot of people are in list of diffident that they need to build their self-confidence. According to the statement of Anon, “The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do what exactly you are afraid to do”. It is therefore, you are standing in the need for doing what exactly you are afraid and have no courage.
There are numerous of people who started a little progress each day and after that they ended up to big result.

Do your work little by little with positive intention and then you need to stick to the work you have stared is the basic to your success in developing your confidence.

If you are not able to speak or communicate in front of crowd or in pubic and you are curious to do so, you need to start little to perform in front of your kith and kin. Resolute mindedness must be in your aim otherwise you will not be successful.

You may also join any school where you can teach students of small classes since it will also create self-confidence in your personality when speaking and addressing in public.
When developing confidence, one must be enthusiast to go through books, articles and other writings and listen to the speeches and lectures of many thinkers and lecturers regarding multiple topics.

Get in touch with those who have sanguinity and optimism in them since optimists will never let to think about pessimism since cynicism leads you to negativism and at long last you remain hesitant.

The best key to be confident is to believe in YOU to practice and to deliver it; bear in mind you need to think for a while before you express any word or sentence. You should also consider that you are not among public at the time of being among them so as to deliver your words.