Thursday, 15 January 2015

You Probably Hate Your Boss

You Probably Hate Your Boss

It is absolutely unquestionable that you must be going against some of boss’s doings since he nits pick your work even though your work is excellent. Oh my goodness! You also hate him if he does not… since there is a reason that he gets you to work whole day and you really do not like working full day. You want to spend time with your kith and kin because you can enjoy the recreation being with them.

33 Percent Life In Profession

If you do not work, it is impossible to get salary by the end of month. As far as I have experienced the professional life, I do agree that 33 percent life is served in profession for the reason that when you start your career in any organization or company, you have to work about 8 to 12 hours on a regular basis excluding Sundays and Saturdays, but in some companies you have to work on Saturdays.

Three Parts Of Your Life

I think life is divided into three parts, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours to work and 8 hours are spent in executing physical, social and religious doings. Suppose if you work more than 8 hours and there is no extra money to get paid, it will probably make you fretful since there will be much stress on your mind. Most of the companies do not pay salaries on time and this blooper also creates tension in your life.

Capitalism Isn’t Real

It is not controversial, but it is real to say that capitalism is not suitable for employees because most of the employees are not getting attractive packages from companies although their work is really profitable for organizations. It is also certainly said that employers are becoming richer.    


In a nutshell, you are important and if you are not given what you wish and deserve, it creates much anxiety and frustration. However, if you are paid excellent salary with the expression of facilities, you will definitely keep your boss in your good list. 

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