Saturday, 14 November 2015

Former Indian Foreign Minister's Criticism on Narendra Modi but Favor for Pakistan

We all know that Pakistan always wants  good and friendly relation with all countries, history tells us that Pakistan's international relation is without any embarrassment with almost every country. But when seeing India, there may be clashes and fights were found.

When Pakistan wants to shake hands with India, sometimes a few problems may occur. A couple of years ago things were going good, but Mumbai Attack was turned out to be like hindrance due to accusation of Indian Media and Pakistan was blamed.

Criticism on Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Ex-Foreign minister Salman Khurshid expressed that there is no positive response from his country's current government although Pakistan's willing is to have peace in South Asia. 

He added that economy of Indo-Pak will be good enough and fruitful if relation between these two countries remain peaceful and friendly. He expressed that BJP has killed much time.

Favor For Pakistan

As far as the speech of Salman Khurshid in favor of Pakistan is concerned, it is clear that actions performed by Pakistan for wiping out terrorism are extremely appreciative and work of the Pak - Army is appreciated.

He acknowledged  too, and he spoke his good words for Nawaz Sharif for the reason that in Pakistan Hindus are also free to celebrate their religious festivals.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

How to be Happy With an Always-Angry-Wife

After getting married, there are many challenges that you have to face; it is not said that life after marriage is wrestling or war, but there are some responsibilities and stressful tasks when unfortunately you have an always-angry-wife. 

An always-angry-wife is a life partner who always gets her knickers in a twist even on a very minor things or disputes. In this short article, you are going to be shown some important tricks to stay content and happy with her till your last breath.

Don't be a Suspicious Hubby

You know that your wife is only yours and you are not supposed to be a suspicious hubby. You must keep an eye on her, but that does not mean you should chide her. 

Avoid Over Admiration

Most of the hubbies acted up to their older and elder. Some of their relatives have followed the over admiration formula. It is sure that women have thrusts to be revered and venerated, but "love talk" 24/7 again and again can be irritating to them.

Help in her Domestic Work

Women are expert in cooking and home chores, but some of them dislike doing these types of works. Being sensible hubby, try assisting her in washing pots, cleaning floor and carpet, dusting curtains, cooking and other duties.

Children' Responsibility

Mothers are responsible for nourishing their offspring when it is a question of making them ready to go school. It is also the duty of moms to prepare meals for their children. However, when no interest is observed regarding their duties, hubbies must compromise to do so and in order to be happy, they should not frown at their wives.

What she Wants?

She needs your love, response and sexual satisfaction as well. She does not want you to be with any opposite. Sure, your property is her property, but her property is your property. your home is her home, but her bank balance and home may not be yours.

Don't be Chatty

Try to be reserved and broadminded and don't be like a chatter box since if you be, there will be lots of quarrels. Remember that you should talk to her to the point. 

Propitiate or Coax her

Be tricky hubby and here you have to pass positive words but not again and again. Hug her romantically to please her. See her eye to eye and give her a smile even a van smile.

Don't be late from Office/workplace

If you reach at your home late, she might become angry. If you have lots of works in your office, you must inform her via phone call or any other source.


All tricks are valuable that may make you happy, eventually, you may not be happy if you are the hubby of angry and gruff wife. If you want to see more posts about various topics, visit my Facebook page .