Thursday, 9 October 2014

Muhammad Faiz

People who are born rich aren’t given credit, but people who make their marks in the society when they are nothing are supposed to be given countless credit. Since the first day of the world, trillions were born and a few from them worked and became rich.

Here you’re exposed about a person who’s ambitions to be rich person of the world. He’s Muhammad Faiz, born in Tehsil Laiqat Abad, Zillah Rahim Yar Khan. As all believers know that Friday is the most important day of the week in Islam.

It was Friday, September 04, 1992, just after dawn and Prayer of Fajar, there came a good news that a newborn is now here. His family, especially his father named him “Muhammad Faiz”. His father name’s Abdul Khaliq. When I asked for the name of Faiz's friend, he said that Muhammad Owais is his hand and glove who lives in his native place.

When it’s a question of academic qualification, he’s cleared matriculation only due to the financial issues and he’s very interested in getting further education. It’s very interesting know that he’s very fond of eating chicken, mutton and beef lever with chapati.

As far as his favorite doings are concerned, he usually does zero in on the requirements of his family. To support family finically is the basic thing in the world. To him, Islam is more important than his soul that he can do sacrifice for Islam although he respects all the religions of world.

His Thoughts!


He deems that if you have money, all and sundry will speak up for you.

Life partner:

She’s supposed to be really good by nature and it make no difference if she’s an average girl about beauty.


As far as his contemplation about happiness is concerned, the sorrow dies when you shut your both eyes for good. It clears that he seeks out gladness.


Leave all, but love your God.

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