Thursday, 4 September 2014

Get Sexy Skin

It is your luck if you are gifted beautiful skin. What is this? Having no acne, pimple and spot on the surface but fairness and luminous skin texture. A vast majority of people is having keen desire to have beautiful look for good, since if they have this appearance, all will like to appreciate them.

On the other hand, people who are having rough skin and dark complexion are not very attractive and when somebody looks at them, are not revered or appreciated. If you are among those, you must be searching some sources to be like those who have good-looking surface.

Tips for Having Fair Skin

For getting desired look, your obligation is to follow these all three ways passionately.


For keeping your skin smooth and sexy, there comes potato mask. Take a potato and boil it, peal it, add a few drops of olive oil and milk powder and mix it with the help of your finger. Apply on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and cleanse it with water.

If you are having oily skin, clay mask must be applied on the facial area. Take a bowel and add two spoons or a fist of pure clay, add water as required, 3-4 drops of any oil (optional), mix with fingers until it gets thicker like a paste. As a result, it absorbs excessive oil from your face.


Stop to touch such products which are having bleach and caustic soda since some creams are very dangerous for skin and they can cause acne, pimple, rash skin and spots as well. Remember! Once your skin is spoiled, there are very minor chances to get its fairness and attractiveness back.

There are also some creams which contain natural ingredients such aloe’s jelly, goat milk, olive oil and fragrance. You need to apply there creams as prescribed by your physician or skin specialist.


In the winter season in Calgary, Brampton and London if centigrade is in minus, people get dry skin which irks them. In this case keeping a humidifier in room to have a moisturizing atmosphere is good to avoid rough skin.

Using lotion regularly can also make your skin smooth and when it is a question of washing face, some creamy soaps should be included too.


Try not to pick your pimple on skin.

Scrubbing excessively is not appropriate for your face.

Washing face more than 4 times a day is useless that  removes your dirt but makes skin dry.

Wearing makeup at night while sleeping is an enemy of your pores and which is why you must not wear it this time.

While taking a shower or bath, you should try your level best not to touch shampoo to your face because high detergent and caustic in shampoo can be dangerous.

Under the sunlight, works and activities are not supposed to be done.

Face stick made from animals’ fat should be used rarely.

Try to be in calm and cool atmosphere and just blast all types of tensions.