Monday, 14 July 2014

 Ways to Stay Happy For Good

All and sundry are keen on being happy and for this determination they do what they should not do and they do which they must do. All are not alike when it is question of doing something. Sometimes it happens that we do both doings; bad works and good deed. For being over the moon if we go for executing evil’s works, it will not give the rest of heart. Here you are exposed some unique ways to be over the moon.

Keep Thinking About Past

You must be wondering that how it can be possible to stay happy due to deeming about previous days. Keep thinking about glorious moments of past when you or someone appreciated, adored, liked and pampered you. Remember that day if you had spent it with a person who loved you or you loved that one, keep in mind that during thinking you will not have to pine away because you will be trying to amuse your heart not hurt it. I think that when we start thinking about the previous days that we spent with joy, it brings smile on our faces.

Appreciate Other

As far as my opinion is concerned, when I start appreciating other, it makes me happy. I hope that you will also get happiness if you just start giving the positive comments or statements upon a person. You are supposed to keep a thing in your mind that you will egg on who is deserving or not. When someone is appreciated, his or her heart becomes content and the God likes this way because you are a reason of smile for other. Being believer, I do agree that if the God is happy with you, your heart and mind get gaiety without any interruptions.

Go for Photography

It takes your concentration to sceneries and natural views. Keep a camera in your hand and try to go to different places where you can see and feel the beauty of nature. Take photos of birds, gardens, mountains, clouds, skies, animals, colorful flowers, cute children, your kith and kin and the views of sunset, sunrise, full moon and new moon. If you have saved your favorite pics in your compute then share these on the social media to get comments. I personally feel that this way can bring a temporary or lifetime happiness.

Watch Television

Television was invented to exchange the information and to entertain people. Unfortunately it is watched for the purpose of watching vulgarity, terror, fight and propaganda instead of getting entertainment, we spoil our mind that we follow these stories. Consequently we get some negative lessons. On the other hand, television is also watched for amusements, there are some programs that telecasted to amuse people such as funny dramas, witty talk shows and jokes. If you are stressed while pining away, you do not need to watch true love story film or action movies but comedy film.

Obey Your Elders

For living a happy life that is full of gladness and tensionless, you need to admit what you are ordered by your parents. It is my personal view that in many countries millions of people are having stress due to disobeying their parents. In a few states it is common that young generation leave their parents in old age homes. This may go against the will of their mummies and daddies. To me, if your parents are hurt, there will be no gaiety in your life even though you have bank balance, property and neolocal family. For the purpose of getting satisfaction in your heart and soul, it is better to make them smile.

Spend Time with Children

The second name of flowers is children. If you have just let a child hold your fore finger while walking on the road, sitting at any place or teaching that one something, you will feel good. When you tend to kiss an infant, it removes your stress. Give a chocolate, candy and toy to a child. If you have sweet voice you may lullaby, the way of lullabying will give sound sleep to a child. In the end you will start feeling good.

Write a Diary

It is considered to be most famous way to express your tension to a book which cannot listen, but your heart testifies that it can listen. Try to write good things in your journal that motivates you to do something special for future. When you try this it increases the level of your confidence. Never write impish wordings or filthy philosophy which goes against any creed or community. When you are fully stressed and will to get rid of it, you are supposed to pen some positive aims what you will do for your betterment.

Have No Greed

It is certain that if you have greed you have a weak creed that does not let you be happy but anxious. When you try to keep greed at bay, it will start bringing satisfaction in your heart. As far as fact is concerned, money has worth in the world, but it does not mean to have what is not necessity. By the way, if you just talk about greed, it is a curse.

Give a Flower

Oh my goodness! People earn money and respect, but they have no rest of mind because they do not feel like giving or presenting something to someone. When you give a flower to someone while keeping a smiling on your lips and cheeks, you will big up your satisfaction in your heart and mind. To me, fulfilment in your mind and heart is the best gift of the God.

Eat Good

There are some researches that expose us that some animal are not very effective for your health and its fleshes or meats have negative influences on your mind and heart. It is not accepted that if you eat meat of animal which has negative nature such as bear, pig, dog, fox and money. If you want to quench the thirst of eating meats, go for beef mutton, chicken, camel meat and fishes and by this way you will able to control your resentment.



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