Monday, 18 November 2019

The Dark Girl's Marriage

Why on earth people focus on the skin texture when it comes to getting married in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh including some states. We habitants living in these places believe in being over the moon by tying the knot with whose who have fair skin.
Poetry tells the feelings live in the hearts, and the true intentions make the minds work. In most of the lyrics "White Color" of beloved is highly appreciated since it represents the luminous attraction. The lights are never darks, but the darks may turn into the lights.  In the real picture, words written the spoken are the core and base of the persons.  Junaid Jamshed, Pervez Mehdi, Noor Jahan and showed the value of fair skin. On the other hand, Mehdi Hassan and Junaid Jamshed exhibited the attractiveness of the Wheatish complexion, but this color is slightly dark. However, the dark skin in our society is not desired, this is why we live in a society where there is less value of the dark complexion, but in my book, the dark complexion has also attractiveness if the person maintains the body and health.
I also believe that the white skin colour has value and it has attractiveness and a lot of people are attracted to this. The bad thing which makes me anguished and fretful is that a lot of girls are rejected due to their dark skin color. I consider the God made everyone gorgeous, beautiful, attractive and nice lookin.
Finally, I would like to say that a person should be judged by his or her heart and the feelings which are exist in heart not by the skin texture not by the beauty.

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