Saturday, 23 June 2018

Family versus Friend – Difference, Gape & Conclusion

When we think about the word family, it comes to our consideration that the people with whom we live at homes or the persons who bring us up is the main type of relation called family, most of the time of us is spent with them including childhood and adulthood.

Of late in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe and nowadays in eastern states believing in friend has been more influential than having conviction upon relatives.

In many cities of Pakistan after 2002, chatting on the internet took place and with the passage of time it was increased and many of the internet users got that chatting on the Yahoo Messenger is the initial use of using computer. During that period in almost all cities of the country had numerous of internet cafes where, especially youngsters used to come to chat.

When seeing 2006 in Pakistan Facebook was not thick on the ground since a very few knew about and the year 2007 brought so many mobile connections which once were not a piece of cake and then SMS performed the responsibility of Yahoo Messenger, people from each and over corner got advantage from SMS, which became a cause of being away from getting closer to family and relative while having foods together.

When talking about the excessive Facebook use in Pakistan, it opened its doors after 2009 and the person who even cannot write his or her name was uploading pictures and getting connect with folks even he knew them or din not. Nowadays almost everyone owns personal Facebook or other social network ids that have kept us away from our relatives.

As far as my perception is concerned and world I see, it is really easy to call someone your friend, but it is really very complicated to keep to the statement you express, the word friend is used or it is not considered as it is.

Certainly, family is more helpful than friend due to feelings attached to blood relation and unfortunately friendship has been really very common and all don’t shy to call someone their friend.

I believe that if your friend is caring you more willingly than your family, is he your real friend, but most of the time I have observed that family is more serious than friend when caring, loving and thinking positive.

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