Monday, 11 April 2016

Social Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phone

Mobile phone or cell phone is a device that is used for communication and calling others in an urgency or important work. This is small device that can be put in the pocket and it is portable and rechargeable as well.  This device is useful for many purposes such as calling someone, meeting others, doing business, giving urgent or important messages to others and now it has been the whole world by which users can go through all studies of the world.

It is certainly said that this kind of device can have drawbacks as well that are supposed to be defined; here you are brought social drawbacks at the time of using mobile phone. 

Killing the Precious Time

We are not going against any social media or website, but most of the new folks are willing to waste their time by typing slang words that make their writing skill really very poor. For us, typing the short writing style can be effective to save the time. However, when writing on the paper, you will not be able to produce a para with no spelling error.

From 2013 selfie has been thick on the ground and folks feel like uploading their pics of all occasions even they go funeral ceremony. By the way, we are not antagonists of others in this regard, but people with this craze must have been spoiling their time because nothing is given to them except many LIKES and COMMENTS.

Opposites can become fool by others by photo editor since black can be turned into white. Most of the girls hide their pimple and acne to give an impressive look to the fans on social media that attracts thousands of boys and this usually happens in Pakistan and India. It is true that an ordinary boy or girl can be like an actor. or a model.

Giving No Proper Time to Family and Friend

While using mobile or android many users say, "Mom! I don't wanna have food now because I'm very busy with my friend in chanting". This sentence usually hurts mother and she becomes little upset. Sometimes mother hides offspring's mobile so that she can be given time.

When 2 friends or colleges or family members meet to discuss any matter or personal conversation and suddenly mobile rings and one of them attends this phone call and it takes 1 to 2 minutes on the telephonic call, other can be disturbed since at this time all need attention. 

Night Packages & Pious Family

Indeed, no brother, no hubby, no dad and no son will allow their family to eat filth and apply dirt on faces. A girl is pride of her brother and father and a women is pride of her son and husband and unfortunately we have brought the germs of filth in our society that we gifted the mobile phones to our daughter and sisters to spread filthiness. God Forbidden!

Our sisters and daughters go to schools, colleges and universities to get the right path which the God told us and it is compulsion to provide with them cell phones, but misuse or the lack of making them understand is bad at all.  We must first take serious action to do away with this kind of telephonic vulgarism.

At the age of 16, every individual is sharper than a knife and it is the responsibility of elders to educate and teach their sons and daughters to keep this type of activity at bay. Secondly, it is requested to the telephone authority to invent the software or sensors that detect the sexual communication because these actions will be good enough to overcome the problems.

                                                                    By Moeen Uddin Ahmed


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