Saturday, 14 November 2015

Former Indian Foreign Minister's Criticism on Narendra Modi but Favor for Pakistan

We all know that Pakistan always wants  good and friendly relation with all countries, history tells us that Pakistan's international relation is without any embarrassment with almost every country. But when seeing India, there may be clashes and fights were found.

When Pakistan wants to shake hands with India, sometimes a few problems may occur. A couple of years ago things were going good, but Mumbai Attack was turned out to be like hindrance due to accusation of Indian Media and Pakistan was blamed.

Criticism on Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Ex-Foreign minister Salman Khurshid expressed that there is no positive response from his country's current government although Pakistan's willing is to have peace in South Asia. 

He added that economy of Indo-Pak will be good enough and fruitful if relation between these two countries remain peaceful and friendly. He expressed that BJP has killed much time.

Favor For Pakistan

As far as the speech of Salman Khurshid in favor of Pakistan is concerned, it is clear that actions performed by Pakistan for wiping out terrorism are extremely appreciative and work of the Pak - Army is appreciated.

He acknowledged  too, and he spoke his good words for Nawaz Sharif for the reason that in Pakistan Hindus are also free to celebrate their religious festivals.

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