Saturday, 15 August 2015

10 Rules to Perform Naat on the Stage

By Moeen Uddin Ahmed

To express your words for the appreciation of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is known to be very good habit and doing. Reciting Naat is considered very pure and respectful work. Every Muslim is supposed to admire the Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for the reason that He is the beloved Prophet of the Almighty Allah.

In Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and some other countries, the majority of Naat performers may not have knowledge or ethics to perform. Here, you are brought 10 important instructions that will be effective for the Naat reciters.

Rule # 1

First of all, you should clean your throat by usual ways; a deliberate cough and doing ahem can be effective for cleaning phlegm from throat, you need to take some hot drinks and lemon juice without ice and avoid smoking, marbled meat. Take the fewer amounts of sugar and dairy product.

Rule # 2

Choose poetry that touches the heart of listeners. When selecting poetry, you better use that, which has no Shrik (association with the Allah).  Minimum three and maximum seven couplets are good enough to recite. Unfortunately, these days most of the lyrics are not good according to the religion of Islam. You should evade these types of lyrics. Never forget to keep your diary along with you.

Rule # 3

Your getup plays very important part to produce a positive memorable effect on the listeners in hall. Wear neat and clean dresses, put a hat and apply perfume. Sitting on the stage is better to recite Naat or if it is not possible, you can stand too.

Rule # 4

Loudness in reciting Naat is not appropriate, which irritates listeners. Sometimes singing loudly is appreciated, but that should be in the middle of performance.

Rule # 5

Avoid all musical instruments except the Daff since Islam orders us to do away with all musical instruments. In many recordings, music is common nowadays that is against the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Rule # 6

The length of your Naat should be less than 10 minutes. Remember that 5 minutes length is considered the most standard performance.

Rule # 7

Observe your listeners that what they want from your recitation. If you are sitting in the gathering of a new generation, try not to sing classic poetry since they might not be able to get it.

Rule # 8

Admire the Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as mentioned in the Holy Quran as well as Hadiths. When your lyric does not match with the Quran and Hadiths, you will be sinner.

Rule # 9

Be passionate while singing for the reason that getting over excited or anxious on the stage may break your voice.

Rule # 10

When it is a question of having confidence to perform better on the stage, reciter should not be hesitant to perform.


These all instructions or rules are researched based. I inquired many scholars of Islam regarding the recitation of Naat; they strongly instructed me to recite according to the mentioned above content.

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